Denvers Tile Installation Service Pricing

Here is the truth about pricing for tile installation services (and home improvement in general): it is very hard to estimate the actual price without seeing the property and fully understanding what the project will entail. Since the pricing is basically built around the time the project will take to complete, not knowing what subsurface the tile has, the general condition of the space where it will be installed, and many other factors, estimating a job accurately is almost impossible.

However, we understand that sometimes you just need to get a ballpark to figure out the next steps and whether or not the project is affordable. That is why we have put together a general starting point for installation of different tile and stone materials. Please note that the prices below represent an estimated cost per square foot based on an average project.

So, find the material that you wanted to install and see the price. Once you have reviewed the information below, if you are still interested in continuing with your home improvement or just have questions, fill out the form on the right or simply call us at 303.319.0596.

Tile Installation Costs

Porcelain Tile: from $4.00 per sq.ft.

Ceramic Tile: from $4.00 per sq.ft.

Stone Installation Costs

Granite: from $5.00 per sq.ft.

Marble: from $5.00 per sq.ft.

Quartz: from $5.00 per sq.ft.

Travertine: from $5.00 per sq.ft.

Slate: from $5.00 per sq.ft.