The Complete 19-Step Guide to Replacing Your Toilet

Remodeling the bathroom can add new life to your house and is a worthy endeavor, seeing as to how many moments are spent in this inner sanctuary of privacy. Centered in the spot of importance is that almighty porcelain throne, the toilet! Here we’ll talk about how to correctly replace that oh so important part of the bathroom, highlighting how simple of a task it can be so that you can go about getting the bathroom of your dreams!

Step 1.

Measure correctly first and foremost! Having the correct measurements is key to any home improvement project, so check the space from the wall behind the toilet to the bolts holding down the toilet (generally this distance is about 12 inches)..

Step 2.

Because you don’t want to make a water fountain out of your toilet as you replace it, turn off its water supply and flush a couple of times to get the standing water out of the bowl. Dry the bowl and tank!

Step 3.

Being sure not jar the fill valve, use a wrench to undo the nut between the toilet base and the tank. Then go to the back of the toilet and do the same for the ones holding the tank to the toilet and to the ground.

Step 4.

With the type of tank that is mounted onto the wall and supplies water through a curved pipe, you’ll have to get the pipe detached first; use water pump pliers or a trap wrench for this task. Now it’s time to get the tank off of the wall, so have someone hold it steady as you undo the bolts so that it won’t crash down and make a mess.

Step 5.

For the actual toilet bowl removal, pop off the trim caps that hide the bolts holding the toilet to the ground. Once those are off, unscrew the bolts beneath.

Step 6.

Gently rock the toilet back and forth now that it’s unbolted; this will break the seal and allow it come unattached from the floor. Carefully carry it away, making sure to hold it level so that any leftover water lurking inside doesn’t slosh all over.

Step 7.

To ward off the sewer gases, fill the now exposed hole with plastic bags containing paper towels or with some old house rags. This step is very important!

Step 8.

Tidy up the bathroom by removing any

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debris from this task so far and clean the area. If tiles need to be replaced or the wall

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needs to be touched up with a bit of paint, this would be a great time to do so. Perhaps install some new water plumbing as well, such as the fixture supply valve.

Step 9.

Ensure that the toilet flange is approximately 1/2 inch off of the ground and set the new

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toilet level onto it to make sure that it is even.

Step 10.

Apply new bolts that will hold down the toilet.

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Lay the new toilet inverted onto a padding of paper towels or newspaper. Over the bowl’s outlet hole, place a new, room temperature wax toilet ring gasket with the flat face going against the bowl.

Step 12.

Using plumber’s putty, bathroom caulk, or plaster, seal the joint where the toilet will meet the floor.

Step 13.

Remove the rags that were keeping out the sewer gases. Balance the toilet, watching your aim so that you can make sure that the bolts aim up with the openings and that the flange meets the gasket.

Step 14.

Very carefully and with downward pressure, rock the bowl side to side, back and forth to make sure that it seals to the floor. DO NOT lift the toilet from the floor or else the whole process will have to be restarted.

Step 15.

On the hold-down bolts, put washers and then thread the brass nuts, tightening with your hand so as not to break your spiffy new toilet.

Step 16.

Install the toilet tank if it is separate from the bowl. Set the rubber spud washer into valve opening at the bottom of the tank, beveled side out. Place the tank on the back of the toilet bowl.

Step 17.

With a coupling nut, connect the inlet valve at the bottom of the tank to the water supply. Checking for leaks, turn on the water and fill the tank to a 1/2 inch below the top of the overflow tube.

Step 18.

Tighten the bolts holding down the toilet and replace the trim caps over them.

Step 19.

Now to finish, clean up the area, take a test flush, install the tank cover and a seat.

Voila! New throne for you to enjoy like the royalty that you are.


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