New Toilet Technology

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/”>We’ve come a long, long way from outhouses and holes in the ground—today’s toilets can make the bathroom experience luxurious in all kinds of ways. Some are beautiful, like a work of art centering your washroom. Others play music! Here are some of the most incredible (and strange) upgrades to make your toilet experience as

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wonderful as possible:

1. Does your husband or son forget to put the seat down after they use the toilet? Contain your rage and invest in the Pressalit Autoclose Toilet. Infrared sensors know when someone is on the toilet, tightly closing

the lid when the user leaves. Save your argument for a different cause!

2. Don’t want to turn on the bathroom light when you use it in the middle of the night? Simply let the LED light-up toilet seat reveal itself. You won’t need a nightlight anymore—the toilet is what you are looking for anyway!

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upon to have someone else help you with toilet hygiene, but not with the Washlet S400! This toilet has a sensor activated lid that lifts and closes when someone is nearby, remote-control flushing, heated seats and a massager. And the ultimate in awkward, it also will wash you after you are finished!

4. Grey-Water toilets appease even the greenest among us by using water from the sink, recycling it for two purposes before sending it sewer-bound.

5. Lots of boys in your home? Get the Ultimate Clean Toilet—it is a urinal and toilet in the same appliance. Simply push the button and it will change to your sex’s preferred mode, complete with steam and UV sanitization.

With today’s tremendous toilet technology, there is no reason to have a grungy bowl in your bathroom when you can have one that will do (almost) all the work for you. Get a high-tech toilet and revolutionize even the basest of duties!


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