Natural Stone VS. Ceramic Tile

Home remodeling, regardless of how big or small the project, is quite an undertaking. For it to be worthwhile, every detail, from hardware to lighting, must be accounted for and decided upon. Luckily, there is one decision that’s a no-brainer.

Most contractors will agree, the benefits of natural stone tile by far

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surpass other available options. Ceramic and porcelain tile have their places when it comes to design, especially if going for a very uniform clean look in the kitchen or bath, yet , when considering the long term aspects of a project, the positive impact of choosing stone flooring is worth considering.

stone tile matte

5 Reasons to Choose Natural Stone


There is truly nothing that beats natural stone in durability. It is the right choice when choosing a tile for heavy traffic or stressed areas such as entryway floors and kitchen counters. It’s even works for outdoor patios! Since stone is a hard material, it is scratch and heat resistant, which is great for shoe scuffed floors, or counters that

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come in contact with dishes right out of the oven. Natural stone is also more stain resistant when sealed, keeping maintenance, due to spills and grout staining, to a minimum. Durability also means that instead of wearing down and needing replacement like a ceramic would, stone’s color is consistent throughout the entire tile, and will only get better with age, giving it a long life span when properly cared for.


Natural stone has an individualism that tile and porcelain cannot. Since it’s taken and refined from quarries rather than formed and set in a factory, each slab retains characteristics exclusive to that particular cut. No surface will ever be the same, creating a natural beauty nothing else can replicate. It also comes in a variety of textures, colors and finishes that will enhance the design of any space.


Adds Value

No material, other than natural stone, will add value to a home. An air of timeless luxury and long lifespan make it a desirable feature in any home. Upon installation, natural stone raises the market value of a space instantly, giving a homeowner substantial return on their initial investment.

Reduces Long Term Costs

Although the initial cost of natural stone installation is higher than that of other types of tile, the durability and lifespan save owners the cost of future repairs due to cracking, or general wear and tear over time. In a warmer environment, the natural coolness of the stone will also assist in keeping cooling costs down throughout the house. With occasional sealing and general cleaning, natural stone surfaces will last the lifespan of a kitchen or bath without much fuss at all.


Because the stone used is natural, much of the effort to process it is less harsh on the environment than the manufacturing of other substances. The impact is even reduced further if the quarry from which it is collected is a local one, saving both energy and fuel when being shipped to your home. Stone is also antimicrobial when sealed. Therefore, germs and spores creating hazardous mold and mildew are not an issue. This allows the stone to require less chemically harsh cleaning products, and improves the quality of the environment in and outside of the home.
Blue ceramic wall seamless tile
So when considering major remodeling, or just a small update in your home, take a good look at the options available in natural stone tile. The irrefutable benefits outlast other materials in long term cost and beauty that will never go out of style.


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