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Hopefully, you’ve made it a habit to shower every day. If not, stop reading and get in the shower.

For the rest of us showerers, it might be kind of old to climb into the same shower every morning, sticking to the same routine day in and day out. You spend so much time in the shower over the course of your life, why not upgrade to a shower that you will actually enjoy? Dump that mildewed old closet and install a personal spa in your home—you’ll be clean and relaxed at the same time!

1. The Rainforest 78 Steam Shower Unit with Heated 16 Jet Whirlpool Bathtub has all the bells and whistles. Add a little scented oil to the steam for an aromatherapy treatment or watch a movie while you receive a foot massage. There’s also a quality speaker system and mp3 player for your favorite music, a hands-free phone system, sauna, whirlpool, acupressure massage and rainfall ceiling shower. For $3,975 you will definitely make your bathroom the best room in your

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2. The Royal SSWW B-602 Steam Shower Enclosure will help your health as well as your hygiene. The steam can moisturize skin, boost immune system function, soothe aching muscles, and alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms. Hydotherapy jets can massage away a long day at work and an ozone gas feature can sterilize the shower when you are done. For $3,090, you can relax and get healthy at the same time.

Though they are definitely on the expensive side, the many features and the sheer enjoyment that you are sure to get out of them could make

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these products a bargain rather than an expense.


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