How to Resurface Kitchen Cabinets

For those looki

ng to remodel their kitchens, being recession savvy can be an important consideration in these economic times. A beautiful kitchen can still be accomplished by turning a creative eye towards your cabinets; why buy a complete new set of cabinets when you can refinish the ones that are there and create a whole new appearance for your kitchen. This way is not only economically sound, but ecological as well. Let’s go through the steps to resurfacing those cabinets so that they can be brand new and inspire dinner parties and feasts fit for a king!

The first step is to pick out a resurfacing kit that matches the aesthetic that you are trying to achieve. These can be purchased at home improvement stores or online, and with hundreds of options to choose from, a spiffy new look is easily accessible. Not only are there many style options, but you also can choose whether self-adhesive coverings that you simply stick on the frame are best for your kitchen or plywood coverings that you glue on. So many wonderful choices, this idea to change up the kitchen a bit is turning into a cool fun idea!

Picked out the perfect cabinet style for your home? Ready to get to work? These are the steps to resurfacing those cabinets and creating that dream kitchen:

1. Draw a sketch of your cabinets and plug in the measurements on the sheet. This way you know what size kit to purchase and how much needs to be done.

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Measure everything carefully. Take along some of the hardware if

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you are replacing that as well, so that you can get the proper fitting one.

2. With the new kit picked out and ready to go, remove the drawer fronts, doors, and any hardware from the cabinets with a screwdriver, making sure to save the hinges and hardware. Because a scuffed surface works better for attaching the adhesive of the new cabinet coverings, use 150 grit sandpaper to hand sand all of the surfaces (do NOT use a power sander, this will take away too much of the wood’s surface). Dust the newly scruffed surface with a tack cloth and then wipe down with a bit of soap and water.

3. Using a nice wood glue, carefully attach the new surface onto the end panels and press each corner then the center. Be aware of any glue that may seep from underneath and be sure to wipe that away. Finishing nails can then be put into the corners and down the side, every eight inches or so.

4. From the chosen material, cut strips out that are two-inches longer and a half inch wider than the rails and stiles of the cabinets. Carefully adhere the pieces and then cut off the extra bits with a straight edge and utility knife. Sandpaper smooth the edges and then apply pressure with a scraper down the cabinet surface.

5. Now it’s time to reattach the hardware to the cabinets. Do so in the preexisting holes. The drawer fronts and doors can now be reattached as well; simply follow the instructions that came with the kit. New hinges should never be placed in the original holes; drill new holes two inches from the bottom and tops of the doors

6. Here’s a fun part: redoing the doors. These can either be resurfaced in the same material as the rest of the cabinets OR you can choose to add tile, glass, or any other fun accent to fit the personality of your home.

Easy enough and totally cost efficient, resurfacing the cabinets is a great alternative to getting completely new ones. Happy remodeling!


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