How to Replace Tile Cheaply Without Looking Cheap

It’s easy to spend a lot of money when you are updating your bathroom—you can buy new fixtures, new paint, new tile, plus the installation costs of all of them. Depending on your budget and priorities, some things will inevitably cost more than others. Luckily, there are ways to reduce costs and still come out with a

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beautiful end result that you can be proud of.

1. Consider getting your tile from a tile outlet. While some tile outlets carry “off” tiles or factory seconds, most carry tile that is just overstock from other tile stores and is no different than what the more expensive retail shops have. They carry the latest in tile fashions, just in a less glamorous store. Check out online tile outlets in addition to local places, and compare prices between what you find online and in stores. Ask for deals in the store if you find a lower price online.

2. Study up and install the tile on your own, instead of hiring a company to do it. Flooring tile is relatively simple to install, as long as you have the tools necessary. The larger, more expensive tools are available for rent, while the smaller ones are relatively inexpensive to buy. Teaching yourself to tile is a valuable skill that you can use elsewhere in your home, thus saving you more money in the long term. Don’t begin your project until you know whether or not you can access or rent all the tools necessary. Or if you feel like you will need a pro to get involved, you can contact a company like Denver Tile Installation and they will do it for you.

3. Choose your tile wisely. Different tile offers different value. Depending on the surface you plan to retile, you will want a tile that is sturdier or easier to clean than others. Ceramic tiles are generally your best value, as they are relatively inexpensive ($3 to $7 a square foot) and are capable of lasting long periods of time. Porcelain, a kind of ceramic tile, is typically strong enough for commercial uses, and can last as long as the building does. Other materials, like glass, makes for beautiful tile, but it requires special skills to lay and is easy broken both before and after setting.

4. Research as much as possible beforehand. If

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you are new to tiling, be sure you know the full series of steps required and all of the tools necessary. If there are any steps that you are not sure about, don’t proceed until all of your questions are answered. Unanswered questions cause overruns in cost and poor installations that have to be fixed by professionals.

By keeping these guidelines in mind, you can drastically cut the cost of your bathroom remodel—or at least save money for the more expensive parts of the project. Tile is an easy medium to work with, as long as you make sure you know what you are doing beforehand. After your bathroom is complete, you will have not only a beautiful tile surface but a new skill!


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