Getting a Showerhead Filter

One might find it a little ironic that of all places, the shower can leave you feeling itchy and dirty. Showering allows components dissolved in water, to enter your body through the skin. For instance, around 65% of the chlorine that enters our pores, occurs when showering in chlorinated water.

Chlorine is one of the most common chemicals associated with shower (tap) water and can

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cause dry skin, itchy eyes, and knotty hair. In addition, there are some other chemicals commonly found in water, like chloramines and ammonia. These materials are used to disinfect water ridding it of bacteria and in turn provide a distinct rotten egg like smell. But don’t think you need to stop showering quite yet, below you will find a list of showerhead filters that will help you clean the water that cleans your body.

1. Vitamin C based shower filters are capable of removing all chlorine and chloramines from your running water. Basically, your shower water passes through a deposit of vitamin C, converting those substances into inorganic chlorides A couple companies producing such products include Sonaki, Keosan and VitaC Shower.

2. There is another effective product called the KDF filter. It uses zinc and copper to remove all existing chlorine. Yet, the KDF filter is high maintenance in that it requires large amounts of pressure for assured capability. They may also last only a couple months due to clogging.

3. The Chlorgon shower filter is a clever, little devise that converts chlorine into chloride. Through this chemical reaction known as “Reduction Oxidation” the converted chloride is enlarged and unable to be absorbed through the pores in your skin.

4. The Pure and Clear Shower Filter guarantees to be one of the most effective shower filters on the market. The product advertises “optimal filtration with no loss of water pressure.” The Pure and Clear Shower Filter uses a three-layer system to rid your water of contaminants. The carbon layer includes thousands of minuscule pores to complete a process called adsorption. This layer also protects the next and most vital layer, coal. The device uses only bituminous coal to remove chlorine and bad odors. Lastly, the natural filter is the most basic layer of the device. It extracts the most common contaminants last, before the clean water reaches your body.

Who knew

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that shower water could be so bad for you? But don’t let the chemical content of your shower water scare you. The choice is yours – knotty hair, itchy eyes and funky smells or go out and buy one of these inexpensive showerhead filters and leave all of your worries behind you.


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