Coolest Ovens

Let’s face it, we all need to eat! Cooking will never feel so right than with these high-tech cool ovens! Even the most inept frat boy can become Wolfgang Puck with the right tools, check out our contenders for coolest ovens in existance:

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1. Jenn-Air LCD Double Oven: This oven is like having a cooking instructor and chef all in one! There is a fully functioning LCD screen that can show diagrams (such as where to stick a thermometer to check temperature of food), pictures to show the correct look of a medium rare steak, and when not in cooking mode it can act as an art piece in the kitchen with a design across the screen. Modern technology afficianados who love touch screen phones will be enamored with this oven that does away with the old-school knobs and switches! Slide your fingers along the panel just like you do with your spiffy iPhone! This baby doesn’t even need to preheat, cutting down cook time drastically!

2. Rotisserie Ovens: The smell of roasted chicken filling the room is reason enough to invest in a rotisserie oven! These convenient beauties give you succulent, evenly cooked, moist and juicy meat each time. The meat

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slow bastes and roasts in its own juices for a special treat that your family will appreciate, and since it comes in a variety of styles, sizes, and models, there’s one for any kitchen.

3. Infrared Ovens: Speedy cooking done right can be had by way of an infrared oven. Something like a frozen lasagna that would usually take over an hour to cook can be finished in 15 minutes instead! The ovens use conduction for providing the food with heat, convection keeps the heat flowing around the food, and infrared cooks the food from the inside out, so what you end up with is fully cooked flavorful tender eats that are perfectly done in the inside and crisp on the outside.

4. Steam Ovens: The energy-conscious among us will appreciate this innovative way of cooking! It uses less energy yet cooks foods faster, preserving the nutrients and flavors for amazing meats and other items. A combination steam/convection oven presents the best of both worlds for the chefs and bakers of your household.

5. Connect IO Intelligent Oven: This is truly the oven of the future and coolest oven on our list! This amazing device will allow you to cook remotely via a phone call TO YOUR OVEN or through the internet! In the morning before work, place your seasoned dishes into the oven where it will keep it cool, and then from the office or on the commute home, simply call the oven or send it a message through the internet and it will start to cook the meal so when you come home, there’s a hot delicious meal all ready to eat!

Ovens come in such a wide variety that there is definitely one that’s perfect for every person. Hopefully these cool gadgets intrigued you a bit to look into the options that are available.


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