8 Steps to Making a Mosaic Tabletop

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Evolution of Toilet

You might not want to think about it too often, but you should certainly give thanks for the toilet that is in your bathroom right now. Toilets have certainly come a long way from their earliest incarnations, moving largely from a hole in the ground to an outhouse to the Products P, directions convinced my. […]

5 Amazing Bathroom Designs Sure to Blow You Away

I bet you didn’t know that if you live at least 75 years, you will spend at least a year and a half in the bathroom—most of that during your teenage years, we bet. Knowing that, maybe you should get to your tiling project sooner rather than later! Here are some bathrooms that got the […]

How to Find Great Deals on Tile – Do’s and Don’ts

If you look hard enough, you can find deals on anything, including tile. Taking your time and doing some grunt work is the key to staying on budget for any home improvement project. No matter what the tile surface—countertop, floor, fire place—keep these Dos and Don’ts in mind and save cash. what is oem software […]

How to Repair Tile in 10 Steps

If you have minor tile damage—a few chips, cracks, or installation blips—you only need a quick repair, not an entire retiling project. Just do a minor replacement on the problem area and no one will be the wiser. Follow these quick ten steps for a simple, small tile repair job. buy here pay here software […]

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