The Endless Possibilities of Digital Tile Design

What if the cost of natural stone, like marble or slate, wasn't an issue? What if reclaimed hardwood floors weren't so hard to attain? Would you jump at the chance to grab some and remodel everything? I WOULD! write my paper The look and feel of high-end material is something none of us would pass […]

The Best Kitchen Design Trends For 2013

The Black and White Kitchen buying prescription glasses online A monochromatic palette in the kitchen can open up an array of options other designs deny you. Black granite counters and white airy cabinets with brushed nickle hardware lend durability, class, and the opportunity to focus on one sleek statement. When a small pop of color […]

Smart Tile: A Big Difference for a Small Investment

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Historic Kitchens: The White House

Often times the kitchen is referred to as the heart of the home. We spend the most time there, and it seems to define how the rest of our day will pan out between meals. Kitchens are not just important in our own homes, but in all other capacities in That razor so cheap cialis […]

DIY: How to Properly Seal Kitchen Tile

Sealing tile is an important and often overlooked step in installing, regrouting, or refinishing kitchen tile. The kitchen is a high traffic area in most homes, and tile floors, countertops and backsplashes take a lot of abuse over time. One way to insure that your kitchen maintains a clean new look is to protect the […]

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