8 Cool Things You Can Do With Leftover Tile

There is no way to buy exactly the right amount of tile—no matter what you do, you are sure to have some left over. Whether it is shards, chunks or full, unused tiles, it is easy to come up with something to do with them other than tossing them in the trash. Channel your inner artists—and some extra energy—into one of these great and useful projects.

1. If you have a bunch of colors left over, gently break them up into smaller pieces that can be used as in a mosaic. If you are really creative, you could make this the centerpiece of your backsplash or fireplace surround

2. If the tile pieces are large and smooth, lay them in the dirt to work as stepping-stones in your garden. This would be best for large stone tiles like marble, slate and granite.

3. Glue five whole tiles together with superglue to make a flower pot—just be sure to drill a hole in the middle of the tile you will use for your bottom before you assemble the pot.

4. Design a new, mottled surface for an old piece of furniture. Draw out your design on the furniture and use caulk to attach the tile. Slowly work your way in from the edges until your design is complete, then add grout and a glaze to protect the tiles and you are ready to go!

5. Children love to decorate large tiles—give them some paint and let them make their very own work of art. Then, display them around your house or outside—at the very least it will match the room that has the tile!

6. Donate the extra tile scrap to your children’s art teachers or other local artists. Some Goodwill or Salvation Army stores accept large unused lots of tile for people to use in their homes.

7. Leftover tile can make great drink coasters, once the sharper edges have been sanded down. Put a little felt on the bottom and you are ready to go.

8. Leftover peel-and-stick vinyl tiles can be used to mount hooks for hanging anything from keys to towels. Just place a sticky tile on the wall and then attach the hook to the tile.

It only makes sense to have more tile than you need—some will inevitably break or you will cut it wrong—so think about what you would do with the extra tile before you buy it to make sure that you get the best value from your purchase.

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