5 Steps to Hiring an Interior Designer

When decorating your home, having the right interior decorator can make all of the difference in whether your house feels like a home and showcases your aesthetics well. The interior decorator can bring a creative zeal to your space and accessorize in ways that you wouldn’t have even considered; their knowledge in color theory, furniture placement, and fabric choices could be just the touch to take your home to the next level and give it a polished look. Here are some things to consider when hiring an interior decorator:

1. When hiring someone to help in such an

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intimate arena as your home, it is best to make sure that not only are they professionally capable but also have a personality that meshes well with your own so that the creativity and vibe will be correct for bringing out the true beauty of your location. If you have a more type A hardcore personality, hiring someone who’s completely zen and laid back could equal disaster! You will be in a relationship with this person for the duration of the designing process, so treat the vetting process like gaining a new friend. They should be someone that you like to be around, who listens to your input for your space, knows how to keep within budget, and can elevate your design ideas with their own touch.

2. The portfolio of course is super important! A scattered, incomplete portfolio doesn’t bode well for the designer that you are looking to work with so make sure that they have a well put together and appealing portfolio that presents them as professionals. Also, take note of the design ideas that they have incorporated in other homes and make sure that they vibe with your own aesthetic. If you like a more whimsical 1700s French design and your decorator is all about pop art appeal, needless to say you may end up a very unhappy camper, so pick someone

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that is on the same wavelength with you. Ask questions when you are perusing their portfolio and interviewing them: How much did this room cost, why did they pick that lighting, why was the couch placed there as opposed to here? This is not the time to be shy, so ask the pertinent questions.

3. Decide if you don’t mind a younger/newer designer or want a more established one. This decision can come down to costs because a more established one will run a higher tab, but it also can be decided on if you want someone with a fresh new perspective who may be the next designing superstar! Everyone starts somewhere so don’t be afraid to give a newbie a chance, but still look closely at their portfolio and how they answer questions on their ability and aesthetic.

4. Establishing a budget is important because it decides not only the type of designer that you can afford but gives a baseline for questioning the designers during interviews. You can decide what you want to have done to the house and then figure out how to allocate resources or you can first choose what your price range is and gather things that will work within that parameter.,

5. Have your due diligence done before meeting with a designer for the initial consult. This means having photos of the space, having an idea in mind of what feel and look you want for the room (really helps if you have any photos from magazines or other pieces of inspiration), and know your budget. This will keep headaches at a minimum for both you and the designer so that while interviewing them, you won’t waste each others time.

Getting your home decor just right is a thrilling part of having your own space. Working with a

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designer to complete that goal is a wonderful way to ensure that your rooms are lovely, functional, appealing, and totally unique!


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  1. How to properly apply for a design position Working with a designer is often a long-term commitment, so you don’t want to hire someone if you don’t get along with them.

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