5 Common DIY Tiling Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Any time you take on a home improvement project, you are going to put yourself at risk for injury. It is just the way things are.

The severity of the injury varies, but it is something you need to weigh

in on before you decide to do the project yourself. One thing is for sure, though—all of these injuries are easily preventable. Just keep your eyes open and be super aware of each step and where your body is—it’s only those who get careless that get injured. To help you know what to watch out for, here are the five most common injuries sustained during tiling and how to avoid them:


Falling wall and ceiling tiles can lead to painful and dangerous head injuries. Moisture behind the tiles, improper installation and damaged tiles can allow tiles to fall, and if they hit your head, you can suffer a concussion, bruising, broken bones or even death. Use proper installation protocol when installing tiles and replace them when they start cracking—this will prevent them from dislodging.


Falling off of a ladder is the single most common injury to occur during DIY projects. If the project calls for a ladder, be sure it is properly secured and balanced. Consider having someone spot you, as well.


Sharp tools can be pretty miserable, too. Tile cutters and power saws should not be used without proper training. Their blades cause lacerations of all kinds, and even amputations. Be extremely careful when cutting tile, and wear goggles to

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ensure that not pieces of broken tile hit your eyes.


Damage to your arms, back and rotator cuffs can happen if you lift heavy tile improperly or beyond

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your realm of strength. Use a cart or dolly to move your tile, lifting slowly and smoothly. Injuries to these parts can leave you in rehab for a long time, sometimes without regaining your full range of motion.


Consider ventilation while you use toxic chemicals to attach your tile to the surfaces, as they can be particularly dangerous. These chemicals might include lead, asbestos and other adhesive residues. They can lead to asthma, cancer, nerve and lung damage and allergies. Before you tile, seal off the workspace from the rest of the home while ventilating it properly to the outside.

Doing a DIY project should be enjoyable and productive—not dangerous! Don’t get sloppy—watch that you take the proper amount of time to do each step—and you will be perfectly safe.


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