4 Cheap Ways to Modernize Your Bathroom

Changing your bathroom for a more modern, beautiful feel doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Staying within budget and still getting the results that you want has never been easier, many projects are now easily do-it-yourself capable and will keep your pockets much more happy! Grab a buddy or family member, bond a bit, and get to work on that project yourselves. Be sure to treat them to a nice dinner or drink with all of that money you are sure to save!

1.Swap out the bathroom flooring! (from $500)

Placing new ceramic or porcelain tiles is a great way to beautify the bathroom and can be done on your own. Measure the space well, pick out the perfect new addition to your bathrooms decor, and lay them carefully. These should last for years and instantly change the feel of the bathroom. Place new pretty rugs by the sink, toilet, and tub along with the tile and you’ll think that you’ve waltzed into the wrong house because it looks so different!

2. Add new shelves and accessories to spice up the place.(from $50)

Over the toilet often has empty space for that as well as by the door,

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so why not add new display shelves and then fill them with knick-knacks, candles, and photos that will add personality to the bathroom. A small magazine rack could also be conveniently added near the toilet or tub so that reading material is always at hand and it looks quite nice if it matches the decor.

3. Change the fixtures. (from $50)

The hardware in your bathroom can be replaced which will in turn spiffy up the place! Shiny new metal hardware for the tub and sink will create a luxe environment on a even a paltry budget.

4. Install a stylish mirror? (from $25)

Tired of your medicine cabinet being so functional looking and don’t need the space? A decorative mirror strategically hung over the sink to replace the medicine cabinet can turn an okay bathroom into a beautiful one. Find a unique mirror to fit your style at a thrift or antique store for even more dimension to the bathroom. Not only will this make the area personalized, more light can bounce off of a bigger mirror and brighten the bathroom as well.

By making the project something fun to do with a friend, you save tons of money and get to know that you had a touch in making that bathroom sparkle! Save money by using these tips and hope that you love your new washroom.


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